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      2. Children's electric cars are popular


        Let the baby drive the children's electric car from a young age, can let the baby's left and right brains have been developed, so that the baby maintains a high degree of attention, enhance the baby's attention, and lay a good foundation for future school brain ability. As a kind of simulation driving tool, children's electric car is a big toy that children like best now. It can improve children's perception and hand-eye coordination ability in the process of playing. The flexibility of children's electric car is loved by many children and parents. Therefore, the competitive advantage of children's electric car market is also very popular. If you want to buy safe and reliable. Children's electric cars, or try to buy products on the list, most of the children's cars on the list have been verified by tens of millions of consumers, the product is safe and reliable.

        Common brand of children's electric vehicles on the market launched a series of varieties are not very different, mainly divided into the following categories: electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric engineering vehicles, plush toy electric vehicles. Today, we mainly focus on electric cars, and talk about the eye-catching electric cars need thousands of yuan, how can children's electric cars sell this expensive?

        Most electric cars have remote controls. Because of the surrounded seats, it is not easy to fall off the car. Children over one year old who can ride independently but do not know how to control can be controlled by their families. When children are about three years old and can control themselves, they can use the accelerator pedal of children's electric cars to control themselves, but parents are still needed. Take care of it side by side to ensure safety. Electric vehicles are the most popular type of children's electric vehicles on the market.

        In order to ensure children's safety, we should choose a car with a slightly slower walking speed than the normal people. Generally, children's electric car owners are mainly for children under 5 years old. Their control ability and reaction speed are still in the development stage. If the car is too fast, accidents will occur easily in the collision. The function of children's electric cars is as simple as possible, the more functional failures the more, and generally for children under 5 years of age, too many functions are not easy to control, but also easy to distract children's attention, according to the potential safety hazards, will also develop distracting bad habits, of course, there are many aspects need to be noted: whether there are seat belts, whether the body is easy to use glass, etc. Crushed material, whether the edge of the body has been passivated, etc.

        Children's electric vehicles generally have at least 3C certification in China, preferably ASTM (USA) or CE (Europe) certification. Domestic 3C certification mainly requires the content of heavy metals in materials, and the excessive content of heavy metals will affect children's brain development. In addition to stricter requirements for the content and types of heavy metals in European and American safety standards, the use of phthalates is prohibited. Phthalates can cause premature puberty in children. But because adding phthalate ester can reduce the cost of plastics on a large scale, quite a number of manufacturers are using it.

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